Why you should sleep that extra hour?

I was exhausted last week.

My work had been super busy as I was going on a 3-week holiday in 5 days’ time, thus everything was on warp drive. On top of that my rental property just had a change in tenants which I had to oversee and all the while my consulting side hustle just landed a big contract which required my attention to complete. This was not to include the 2 social events I needed to attend. All in all, I’d been on a less-than-5-hour sleeping diet for the past 4 days.
I was really starting to feel the effect yesterday when I woke up at 6am, absolutely wanting to return to bed but needed to cycle into the office early for a breakfast date with a friend. So I made a promise to myself: no matter what agenda I had for today, I was going to have a 90 minute lie-in.
And so a lie-in I had, and it felt blissful.
There had been an explosion in the amount of literature out there promoting hustling and glorifying sleep deprivation. One of the motivational soundtracks that I listen to when I row evens says “if you wanna succeed, sometimes you gotta have no sleep”. Thus over time sleep deprivation gradually became preconditioned into a badge of honour, something to brag about.
For me sleeping is paramount because health is the foundation to wealth and nothing promotes health better than plentiful sleep.
This is something so plainly obvious to me: without health there will be no wealth. Taking it a step further, even with wealth, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefit it brings without your health.
What’s the best way to stay healthy? Well it turns out 4 simple tricks:
  1. Plenty of sleep
  2. Balanced diet
  3. Lots of outdoor exercise
  4. A positive mental outlook
I rank sleep the highest because it usually solves most of my ailments (namely cold and flu). Sleep rests my body and encourages recovery and repair. Easy as that. There are simply no other alternatives that can substitute the effect of sleeping.
We millennial are blessed with youth and it is not a reason for abusing it. In fact because we are young, we should cherish and look after our youth because it provides a strong physical foundation for when we age, thus extending our earning potential and maximise our utility when we become older.

Wrap up

So the next time you are thinking of depriving yourself of those precious hours of sleep, think again. It’s not cool, it’s not sexy, it’s simply silly.
Your future body will thank you for that extra hour of zzzzz.