About WealthyBy40

This blog is a documented journey about my journey and progress towards the WealthyBy40 Challenge, whose purpose is to attain financial freedom and career satisfaction, thus improving my overall happiness and fulfillment.

My own WB40 Challenge is to attain:

  • A monthly non-employment based gross income of at least £60,000 per month (yes you’ve read it right, 60k!)

  • They should be from at least 3 different sources and ideally of passive nature

  • I will be at a stage to choose the content and location of my work (i.e. activities that I have to put in consistent labour in order to generate income)

What is this NOT about?

  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, you probably won’t find anything that directly relates to getting rich.

  • This blog in itself does not give you happiness. Nothing in this world can, except yourself. However, hopefully, this blog will give you ideas on how you could fulfill your true potential, which in turn is an integral part of happiness.

  • This blog is not perfect. All its content are based on the life experience and encounter of a rather narrow pool of individuals (there are 6 billion people on the planet and I only have 24h in a day!) which may or may not be applicable to other situations. Use them at your own peril.

About Me

My name is CJ and I’m a bit of a personal finance geek who loves to be challenged. 

I am a loving father and husband, fitness freak and a passionate gang member at Cornerstone (highly recommended to readers who want to save £$ on shaving and grooming supplies).